5 Celebrity Pets You Can’t Miss on Instagram

Who doesn’t love scrolling through our favorite celebs’ Instagram feeds? We all do, but you know what makes their feeds better? There pets! Some celebrities pets are so famous that they have their own Instagram accounts. Read on to see which Celebrities’ Pets on Instagram are our favorite!

Meredith Grey

This Scottish Fold Cat is owned by our favorite pop superstar Taylor Swift! Named after Taylor’s favorite character on Grey’s Anatomy, Dr. Meredith Grey, Meredith was added to the Swift family of cats on Halloween of 2011! T-Swift even made Meredith her own Instagram account where you can catch her hanging out with Taylor and her cat sister Olivia Benson – named after another one of Taylor’s favorite television characters.

Chunk Handler

We don’t know about but we love comedienne Chelsea Handler’s rescue dog Chunk Handler. While this good boy doesn’t keep his own Instagram account super updated (but he does have a Twitter @chunkhandler), mom Chelsea is always sure to post about his shenanigans on her Instagram. And is it just us, but does it look like Chelsea is the one up to hijinks and not Chunk? Asking for a friend.

Norman and Bambie Jenner

While we love what Kylie Jenner brings to the Instagram table, we have to admit that sometimes we like seeing what her Italian Greyhounds Norman and Bambie (brother and sister) are up to! These little pups love to pose with mom Kylie and her friends. No wonder so many of their posts get thousands of likes. Note: get cute greyhounds to get likes.

Gary Fisher

This little French bulldog has had a tough year with the passing of his mom and Princess Leia, Carrie Fisher. But that hasn’t gotten this guy down. Now living with Fisher’s former assistant, Gary is still managing to bring smiles to all with his Instagram account where you can catch him lazing about (that’s what bulldogs are known for) and paying homage to his mom with Star Wars themed posts.

Shanti Om Bb

We all know that Miley Cyrus loves her pets. She even wrote and song about her blowfish who passed away and started crying while performing it in her famous Backyard Sessions. But there are never tears for Miley when her cat Shanti Om Bb is around. This little one was introduced to Miley’s large and growing pet family in the spring of 2015. Catch Shanti – which means peace, by the way – on her Instagram account where she snuggles with mom and has her face superimposed on top of some wacky pics!